Mubbles: Drop – Enjoy!

Create a unique gourmet experience by incorporating Mubbles into all your recipes!



Mubbles are juice-filled bubbles that explode in the mouth and release a flood of flavour!

Well-known thanks to Bubble Tea, Mubbles are now conquering new culinary horizons.

Mango, blueberry, strawberry or green apple Mubbles will satisfy your taste buds and expand your gastronomic possibilities.

Mubbles: an explosion of flavour

These flavoured bubbles can enhance any recipe, hot or cold.

Add Mubbles on your cheesecakes or in your cocktails for a stunning and tasty experience!

Your only limit is your imagination: be creative, have fun and impress your guests!




Add our deliciously juicy bubbles to all your sweet or salty culinary creations. Whether it is to spice up a cake or to add a touch of madness to your cocktails, our Mubbles will delight your guests! Discover all our easy tips and tricks.

Surprise your senses with Mubbles!

Mubbles: your culinary best friends

Mubbles will quickly become your culinary best friends thanks to their ability to enhance your recipes, decadent desserts or exceptional beverages.

Get inspired by our recipe ideas and share your own.


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