Activations: Taste our Mubbles products

As our products are now available in a considerable amount of grocery stores, specialized markets, candy shops and other retail stores; we wanted to make sure that a good majority of our soon-to-be customers had a chance to taste it before getting hooked.

Therefore, we identified two different university campuses that would reach a portion of our target audience in order for them to be properly introduced to our products.

In the month of April, we visited the AEHEC during their 50th anniversary as well as the Laval University during the NOVA fashion show, and we got to meet a handful of people who were not only keen on trying out our Mubbles items but were also eager to start making some at home.

We know how important it is to be able to taste a product before purchasing it; hence, we will be visiting more campuses to spread the  Mubbles word.

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